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Each of us has a preferred way of thinking that affects how we assimilate and process information. Understanding your Thinking Style – and the Thinking Styles of others – creates the ability for you to have 360° communication™, also called Whole Brain Thinking*.

You can engage every listener – individually, in teams, and within whole organizations – by understanding how people think. The result? Better communication, better understanding, better retention.

So how does this work? The brain assimilates information in 4 different ways – through its 4 Thinking Styles. When you communicate using the Thinking Style of the listener – that person will pay attention and remember what you say!

You may have already noticed that certain communication approaches work better with some people than with others. Robyn shows you how to identify the approach that works best.

Whether you speak, sell, write, brand, or market – you need to
engage the brains of everyone you communicate with.

If you are:

5 Compelling Reasons Why We Should Work Together:

1. You want to Communicate Clearly, Concisely, & Collaboratively

2. You want a Team that consists of Complementary Thinking Styles

3. You want to put Power, Punch, and Pizazz into your presentations

4. You want a Strategic, Sustainable career path

5. You want to Influence – Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

With fresh insights and the skills of preparation and practice, you can easily produce the results you want: a polished communicator and presenter, whose words resonate with everyone.

Browse the website and you will find solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had! When you Stand Up – you will Stand Out!

* Used with permission by Herrmann International, The Ned Herrmann Group; copyright 1981 – 2010, all rights reserved.

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