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BrainBranding™ – Activate the Brain, Stimulate Your Brand

Developing a unique, memorable brand is vital to the success of you and your business. When you combine your brand’s message with the brain’s 4 Buying Styles™ – also known as 360° communication™you automatically demonstrate your value – and the value of your business- in a way that is understandable to your target market. This is BrainBranding.


Frequently Asked Questions about BrainBranding™:

Q.  How can you be sure that your brand engages the different types of people in your target market?

A. By understanding how people think – and make buying decisions, you can apply that knowledge to brand development and marketing strategies. Using the 4-step BrainBranding™ process results in robust brand applications – for companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

Based on the book BrainBranding™ – Activate the Brain, Stimulate Your Brand, co-authored by Robyn Winters and Ken Banks, BrainBranding™ is a simple, 4-step process for creating a memorable brand that includes sound, proven marketing & branding strategies that resonate with the four “languages” of the brain (Analyze, Organize, Personalize, and Strategize). In other words, 360° communication.

The result? Your brand will be universally understood and stand out in the minds of your target markets. In addition, it will have great staying power, with the potential to increase your visibility and your market share.

When people make a decision about which brand (or other product/service) to purchase, their Thinking Style converts into a Buying Style. Below are the 4 Buying Styles™ and the brain quadrant they’re linked to (see model, below):

  • Investigator (Analyze) [Click Here To Watch Video]
    • Conducts research; examines statistics, data, and information before making a buying decision.
  • Coordinator (Organize) [Click Here To Watch Video]
    • Develops a prioritized list of traits and qualities; considers practicality and efficiency before making a buying decision.
  • Relater (Personalize) [Click Here To Watch Video]
    • Focuses on people and forming and maintaining a relationship. Look for a consultative approach before making a buying decision.
  • Trendsetter (Strategize) [Click Here To Watch Video]
    • Look for cutting-edge, trending setting products and services. Consider a long-term strategy before making a buying decision.

Using the 4-step BrainBranding™ process results in robust brand applications – for companies, individuals, and their markets.

Whatever your business needs, BrainBranding™ will make you and/or your business more successful in 3 types of brands:

  • Corporations/Organizations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals

To order the book, click here.

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