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The 4 Buying Styles and the brain quadrant they’re linked to:



  • Investigator (Analyze) [Louis to video]
    • Conducts research; examines statistics, data, and information before making a buying decision.
  • Coordinator (Organize) [Denise to video]
    • Develops a prioritized list of traits and qualities; considers practicality and efficiency before making a buying decision.
  • Relater (Personalize) [Justin to video]
    • Focuses on people and forming and maintaining a relationship. Look for a consultative approach before making a buying decision.
  • Trendsetter (Strategize) [lFiona to video]
    • Look for cutting-edge, trending setting products and services. Consider a long-term strategy before making a buying decision.

A sound brand strategy is vital to success – yours, and those of your products and services. BrainBranding will demonstrate your value – and the value of your business – time after time.

Q.  How can you be sure that your brand engages the different types of people in your target market?

A.  By understanding how people think – and make buying decisions – you can apply that knowledge to brand development and marketing strategy. Using the 4-step BrainBranding process results in robust brand applications – for companies, individuals, brands and their markets.

By incorporating the four “languages” of the brain (Analyze, Organize, Personalize, and Strategize), your brand will be universally understood. In addition, it will have great staying power, with the potential to increase your visibility and, when applicable, your market share.

The 4 Thinking Styles of the brain result in 4 Buying Styles when people make a decision about which brand (or other product/service) to purchase.

Whatever your business needs, BrainBranding will make you and/or your business more successful in 3 types of brands:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Individual
  • Corporate


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What a concept – “Thinking” about one’s brand as experienced by the customer, versus over-reliance on brand awareness and price-promotions. Kudos! BrainBranding is a refreshing reflection on the importance of “Brand,” and should serve as a reference for proactively managing Brand relevancy to customers.(Former EVP, CMO of Hardee’s Food Systems, Burger King Corporation, and Papa John’s International) Gary Langstaff

Founder/Managing Director, CANDO Productions LLC

In Mexico, retail is a fast-paced world. A key factor to success is to connect to the consumer’s mind. BrainBranding is a valuable tool to generate effective buying strategies; it analyzes the brain’s buying styles and provides paths to consider to get a true multi-consumer engagement, all within an easy four-step process. Rogelio Rodriguez

VP, ANTAD Mexico