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What Are Brain-Based Business Solutions

(And How Can They Advance Your  Success)?

A “brain-based” business solution is one that uses all 4 of your brain’s natural Thinking Styles to: 


  • Solve problems
  • Organize Information
  • Present your ideas
  • Sell your products or services
  • Interact with clients and colleagues
  • Develop Strategies
  • Influence people — in any way

Based on the pioneering research of physicist and business leader Ned Herrmann, the brain’s 4 Thinking Styles – also known as Whole Brain® Thinking – provide the foundation for how you successfully communicate, present, sell, brand, and write.

Maximizing your natural Thinking Style to match the Thinking Style of others will make you Stand Up and Stand Out!



Speak the Way They Think!

Do you think you’re a good communicator? Do you understand people’s meaning when they speak? Do you make assumptions before asking questions?

Effective communication is a must for everyone. Discover how to adapt any type of communication (speaking, writing, selling, presenting) to the Thinking Style of your listeners to get your points across quickly and efficiently – and in a way that they’ll remember!

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BrainBranding™   Activate the Brain, Stimulate Your Brand

Whether you’re new to the professional world or highly experienced, developing a brand based on the brain’s 4 Buying Styles ensures that it will resonate with absolutely everyone. People make decisions about which brand to use or buy based on how the information engages their Buying Styles: (1) Logical & Factual, (2) Efficient & Practical, (3) Personalized and Responsive, or (3) Strategic and Creative. A brand that targets all 4 is a “can’t miss” winner!

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Pump Up Your Presentations!

Looking for ways to engage and energize an audience? Whether a team meeting, a sales pitch or a group presentation of any size, it’s essential to keep people interested (even using PowerPoint!), while giving you the confidence to present with ease and assurance.

You can participate in full-day workshops or individual coaching, which include video evaluation and PowerPoint critiques.

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Take the Sweat Out of Stress!

Stress is your body’s way of reacting when it thinks you have more than you can handle, and then it reacts as if you were in danger! While a certain amount of stress is considered normal, and perhaps even useful – for example if you need to respond quickly – long-term stress can seriously affect your health and compromise your immune system. Learn ways to manage stress and keep it under control!

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For anyone who conducts seminars or does public speaking, Stand Up, Stand Out! is a necessity.  This program helps you analyze your audience, customize your presentation to target all audiences, and organize your outline. By far, the most valuable class I have taken.

Jeff Zurek

Wells Fargo Securities (formerly Wachovia Securities)