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Speak The Way They Think

One of the most important elements for success in today’s complex business environment is interpersonal communication: the ability to enhance the way you communicate with people in your work group, on your team, and up and down the organizational ladder. Your greatest communication success will be derived from your ability to speak and write in a way that maximizes your natural Thinking Style, while customizing your communication to the Thinking Styles of others.

How can you accomplish this?

By understanding the way you — and others — think.

Every individual has a unique Thinking Style, and each Thinking Style has a distinct set of characteristics that determines thinking preferences for:

(1) Analysis

(2) Strategy

(3) Connection to others

(4) Implementation and action

Brain-based communication is founded on the research of Ned Herrmann, a physicist and businessman, who developed the principles of Whole Brain® thinking as well as the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). This is a scientifically-validated assessment that indicates which Think Style(s) are prevalent for you, and the order in which you use them.

Adapt your communication style advantageously to the thinking style of others to improve your skill and effectiveness through the application of brain-based approaches.

What will you get as a result? You will become a more valuable thinking asset for yourself and your organization. Who will benefit? Leaders, business owners, presenters, sales people, and marketers will benefit from implementing brain-based communication – both written and verbal – in every aspect of their business and personal lives. What will you achieve? Greater ROI – “Return on Intelligence” – through this powerful communication tool.


Note: All HBDI assessments include a complimentary coaching session.