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Email Effectiveness – Writing That Means Business!

Your emails not only have purpose – they also have power. Develop a personal style and structure for writing email correspondence. You can ensure that when people receive your emails, they will read and act on them! In addition, you will learn guaranteed proofreading techniques!

 A well-written email is like a marketing message: you want to convey specific facts and idea, and you want your message – your email – to produce results.

You can easily develop a personal email style and structure, ensuring that what you write gets the results you want. In addition, you will learn foolproof editing and proofreading techniques.

Here’s what’s covered in this seminar:

  • Compose emails that will get opened, read, and acted on
  • Write compelling subject lines
  • Enhance the impact of your emails
  • Understand when not to write an email
  • Develop an email structure
  • Create a personalized email style

 The topic of Email Communication is available through seminars and one-on-one coaching.

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