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Presentation Topics



   Speak the Way They Think!

Effective communication is a must for everyone, especially salespeople. Discover how to adapt your sales delivery to the Thinking Style of your clients to get your points across quickly and efficiently -in a way that they’ll listen and buy!

    Take Charge of Your Career

Are you changing careers or transitioning back into the workforce? The world of work continues to evolve, and while looking for the right opportunities can be challenging, there are tools, resources, and strategies that can get you where you need to go. Examples include developing a dynamic résumé, using LinkedIn effectively, developing a unique business brand, interviewing techniques, and networking.

    Pump Up Your Presentations!

Looking for ways to engage and energize an audience? Whatever the group size, there are presentation techniques that will keep people interested (even in PowerPoint!) while increasing your ability to present with ease, credibility, and confidence. All full-day workshops and individual coaching sessions include video recording and PowerPoint critiques.  

    Balance Your Energy Systems

Do you ever feel exhausted at the end of the day? Your body uses energy in 4 primary areas: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. When you have expended too much energy in one area, it’s vital to your health to find ways to balance out the others. Explore natural ways to feel healthier while finding inner peace and harmony.

    E-Mail Effectiveness – Writing That Means Business!

Your e-mails not only have purpose – they also have power. Develop a personal e-mail style and structure that ensures what you write gets the results you want. In addition, learn fool-proof editing and proofreading techniques.

    Take the Sweat Out of Stress!

Stress is your body’s way of reacting when it thinks you have more than you can handle. While a certain amount of stress is considered normal – and perhaps even useful (e.g., if you need to respond quickly) – long-term stress can seriously affect your health and compromise your immune system. Learn ways to manage stress and keep it under control!

    BrainBranding ~ Activate Your Brain, Stimulate Your Brand

Your brand serves several important functions – all of which form your professional image. There may be a great deal of competition in your field, but there’s only one Y-O-U. Learn how to differentiate yourself by creating a unique brand that appeals to the brain’s 4 Buying Styles. [Link to videos?]