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Your presentation was very informative, and made us think about ourselves and the people around us. With the stress that accompanies our profession, your presentation was timely, we learned a great deal, and we had fun!

Laura Scott

President, SunCoast Bay Area American Payroll Association

The “Pump Up Your Presentations!” seminar certainly lives up to its billing. Robyn Winters teaches participants how to create presentations that are meaningful to the audience, and to present themselves with confidence and competence. It delivers takeaway value that lasts. The recorded presentations gave us invaluable feedback that allowed us to refine and polish our presentations and to really Stand Up and Stand Out!

Denise McCabe

President, Florida Notary Training

The “Pump Up Your Presentations!” workshop helped me to sharpen my skills as a public speaker. The feedback from Robyn and the group makes you realize that you can instantly improve delivery and ‘own’ the room. Anyone looking to increase confidence and decrease nervousness will benefit greatly from this workshop.

Dr. Demetrios Athans

Athans Chiropractic

Robyn’s presentation was filled with excellent, practical suggestions interlaced with humor. When we surveyed the members of our association about the most effective programs presented during the year, Robyn’s came out on top.

Beryl B. Hay

United Way of Westchester/Putnam, New York

The “BrainBranding™” program, presented by Robyn Winters and Ken Banks, provided an innovative approach that helps individuals and companies to develop a brand that resonates with more customers and clients. Their “BrainBranding™” manual helps individuals put this information to great use: they can develop a successful brand in an easy-to-understand format that makes it simple to gain differentiation and value in today’s competitive marketplace.

Monica Wofford, CSP

CEO, Contagious Companies, Inc.

“Pump Up Your Presentations!” had great interaction and creative activities. The highlight the day was the feedback on the recorded presentations and PowerPoint slides. This was an excellent program!

S. Peters


In Mexico, retail is a fast-paced world. A key factor to success is to connect to the consumer’s mind. BrainBranding is a valuable tool to generate effective buying strategies; it analyzes the brain’s buying styles and provides paths to consider to get a true multi-consumer engagement, all within an easy four-step process.

Rogelio Rodriguez

VP Development, ANTAD Mexico

Robyn is a dynamic speaker with a powerful message. “Presenting a Professional Image” should be first and foremost with all business owners. At every opportunity, I pass your message along to other peers. Robyn, thank you for this great ‘keepsake’!

Bob and Sherry Markee

SML Services

Ken and Robyn have taken an innovative approach to branding. Their simple, step-by-step process works for individuals and companies alike. Training tools are effective only if the learning can be easily applied to the learners’ real-world situation.  Their manual does that…it facilitates the process and helps the reader gain a clear understanding every step of the way.  The result will surely be a more successful brand.

Craig Davis

Principal, Craig Davis Strategic Concepts

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